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The Weirdest Shop Around


we are weird ... and so are you

We are each rare creatures, and the time has come to celebrate our peculiar nature and stop conforming to an imposed sense of normalcy.

When people say, “You’re weird as F***.” We say, “Thank you!”

We have reversed the intent of that phrase and now it is our favorite compliment. We use it to empower our fellow WAFs and so can you.

Where'd WAF take root?



Imagine your WAF-ness as a seed growing within you.

A seed that you’re nurturing, a seed that grows and blossoms. Now the seed that is no longer just a seed but a magnificent plant that is now producing its own seeds.

Your blossom attracts others on a similar path of honesty and self-acceptance… and they, so enamored by the effervescence and uniqueness of your presence, in turn help spread those seeds.

And then one day, you aren’t the only WAF-flower. You’re in a field full of vibrancy, and fragrance, and harmony. Strangely in this field your neighbors do not look, sound or act alike. Each are distinct, each WAFfy and wild. Despite these differences, this community shares the greatest commonality …. Roots that stem from the same source.

Weird-do WAF fruits fall? 

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of our labor

Their design is simple, but, your statement of honesty and self-acceptance is at the core. They are intended to be a seed, to provoke thought in others and to ground you in your belief that you are a rarity and that is brilliant!

All of our shirts are organic, fair trade, and ethical... Vegan too!

Share its meaning with those who ask and invite people to nurture their inner WAF.


The true value of these shirts is in what they represent. To us, sharing that message is priceless. You hold the power to sow this message. This is why we encourage you to determine the cost.


Pricing: Option One

Purchase based on your perceived value of the WAF message.

Pricing: Option Two

Purchase based on your means.


Sample the finest WAF fruit.

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We see your inner WAF, now let’s celebrate what’s blossoming! These events are meant to bring all us WAF people together in a place "weird" we can let our WAFFY-ness out to play.

April 28, 2018

Budding Tastes by Koi Mango

Vegan foodies collaborate at this elegant rooftop garden event that will uplift your palettes.

October 31, 2018

Super Waf! Costume Party

If your weirdness had powers, what would it be?

Now, what would it look like? 

August 14, 2018

Waf-able Valentine

What do you mean Valentine's Day isn't in the summer? Yes it is.



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